Stories from the road

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€22.50 | 216 pages  

Bonne Route!
On foot with tent and donkey from Eiffel Tower to Martini Tower

It seems like a great adventurous idea: walking from Paris to Groningen in three months along the path of Saint Martin. A brand new route through Europe along the heritage of war and peace, and monuments named after the legendary Saint Martin. When Tjerk starts the 1,234 kilometer journey, only one pilgrim has preceded him.  

He does not walk the route alone, his donkey Lodewijk is always by his side. Every day they have to find a place to sleep, food and drink for man and donkey and they are at the mercy of people along the way. Walking along untrodden paths, traveling at a venture, with minimal possessions and a mobile phone that keeps running out of power, turns out to be more exhausting than Tjerk had anticipated. What has he gotten himself into? On his way through France, Belgium and the Netherlands he encounters the elements, the pace of time, overwhelming solidarity, but above all himself. The road home is long, vulnerable and groundbreaking. 

€20 | 164 pages

Towbar Needed!
You need others to keep you going

A groundbreaking journey took theatre maker Tjerk Ridder from the city of Utrecht to Istanbul. Hitchhiking with a caravan, but without a car, he traveled through Europe. Time and again looking for cars with a tow bar to tow it a little further towards Turkey. And with him are travel buddies: dachshund Dachs and writer/journalist Peter Bijl. Central motto: You need others to keep you going. In almost three months, 53 drivers, after crossing eight countries, finally landed them in the Turkish metropolis. Towbar Needed! is a multimedia travel story that connects people, cultures and worlds. An inspiring adventure that opens your eyes. 

€20 | 160 pages

Anhängerkupplung gesucht! 🇩🇪
Man braucht other, um voranzukommen

Dutch and their own car – a typical image. But Tjerk Ridder and Peter Bijl top the Klischee. Gemeinsam with Dackeldame Dachs trampen sie three Monate long with a living car in Europe – and black with car! A Kurioser Road Trip. But it is worth more than an enjoyable journey.

On our way to Utrecht in Istanbul since we have other information: if we travel by car, we will have a piece of cake, if we have a tanker, we will spend a evening with a warm croissant. Man brings others, in order to understand the motto and the philosophy of life of both.

A book full of inspiring stories and photos, warm and fascinating. Zum Schmökern, Schmunzeln und Träumen.

Unterwegs kann zu Hause sein,

Unterwegs es gibt keine Pause nein,

Unterwegs in das Leben hinein

From the song Unterwegs

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