About Tjerk Ridder

Turn towards the sun

Tjerk Ridder is a theater maker, singer-songwriter and writer as well as a traveler, storyteller and inspiration. His travels through Europe resulted in musical theater performances, books and songs. 

He received the Pax Duif for connecting people and showing solidarity and from Sharon Dijksma, mayor of Utrecht, Le Prix de Partage Européen, a prize of the European cultural route Saint Martin de Tours. 

Tjerk sings and talks about universal topics and themes surrounding the human journey. What steps do you take, what choices do you make? What does it take to
connect you with others? How do you follow your heart? What do you find the courage to do?
to do things that you have never done before, that no one has even done before?
How do you find the balance between taking care of yourself and being there for others? In recent years, these topics have only become more urgent due to the global crisis.

Tjerk made three trips and three musical theater performances of the same name: Trekhaak Gezocht!, Sporen van Vrijheid and Bonne Route! He published two books, Trekhaak Sought! and Bonne Route!, in which he writes about even more adventures experienced along the way. The books are also a music album.

After his training at the theater schools of Amsterdam and Utrecht, Tjerk was invited to perform in Japan for two months, where he took lessons in karate and Japanese dance and gave improvisation play workshops. He was confronted with living from Eastern collective thinking and doing, versus Western individualism. 

You can learn a lot from life stories about trial and error and how you can take your own steps towards what moves you. What do I bring into the world and how do I tune in to others? 

'We need others to travel the road we aspire to follow.'

Tjerk Ridder

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