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It seems like a great adventurous idea: walking from Paris to Groningen in three months along the Martinuspad. A brand new route through Europe named after the legendary Sint Maarten. When Tjerk Ridder starts the 1,234 kilometer long journey, only one pilgrim has preceded him.

Tjerk Ridder hitchhiked across Europe, from Utrecht to Istanbul, with a caravan – but without a car. Under the title 'Towbar Wanted! – You need others to move forward', he was literally looking for hooks and thus for goodwill, hospitality and trust.

In search of the personal meaning of freedom, Tjerk Ridder traveled with the Belgian draft horse Elvi through various landscapes and past specific places of freedom and unfreedom in Western Europe.

Unterwegs kann zu Hause sein,

On the way there is no pause,

Unterwegs in das Leben hinein

From the song Unterwegs

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